About Me

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So, I Asha was put in this beautiful world in 1986 on the 20th of a scorching April noon.  That makes it 26 years now and a lot of things have changed with people, places, politics, culture, climate, technology, lifestyle…. in all, the world itself and that includes me. My body, mind and soul has gone through little or enormous changes ever since. And probably the only thing that has not changed in me is the way my heart beats. Thanks to that organ in my body that has taken me this day far and putting up with everything that the world and its components catapulted. Um, where were we? yeah, about me..

By biology I am a perfect example of an imperfect human being. Awed by the wonders of nature and science. I dream . I learn . I love . I live .  I am weird . I am curious . I am terribly eccentric . I am influential. I am a woman consumed by wanderlust. I am simple yet so hard to figure out. I am self contradictory. I am expressive . I am kind . I am not easily influenced .  I am addictive . I am volatile . I am my best friend. I believe in God . I believe in love. I believe in miracles.  An avid listener . A fair speaker . A true friend . An impromptu . A busy mind . A free spirit . An ardent lover of almost everything moving and still. A hopeless romantic. The only real true me.