Why am I here?

by ashajoseph

Why am I here? Oh, actually for nothing in particular. Well, I just wanna write, I like it. Uhmm… I am not a great writer but I like to write and I also like the way I write. Not that there has been people to make reviews on my writing, but being not so bad at self-judgement, I guess I am pretty ok at it. Thing is, I have this thing for people who write, you know what I mean? And lately I’ve developed this feeling that I should have this thing for myself. This blog might not be of any use for anybody; because I am not gonna write about or for anything in specific. Everything that I will be writing, (if at all there is going to be any after this post, actually there is gonna be one which I’ve drafted and kept ready and this very post is dummy, just because I think posting the other post first (drafted and kept ready one?) wil make no sense.) is gonna be absurdly random.

I’ve read only a handful of books and each of it’s authors and their style has inspired me a great deal for me to be doing this now. Not that I think I could be one of them but I figured writing gives pleasure. And it sure does!. Also, I’ve been following a lot of blogs secretly and I absolutely admire the way each and every one of them writes.  Each one, for very different reasons. One writes for passion. One writes to keep track on events of life. One writes for a cause. One writes cuz it makes her happy. One writes cuz he’s sad. One writes cuz he’s angry. One writes to make people laugh. One writes to make people think. One writes just for the joy of it. One writes to develop her writing skills. One writes to be socially active. I might not write for any of these reasons or I might write for all of these reasons. So yes, with this post what I kept procrastinating for years I finally start. 🙂 Keep blogging. Oh, I just said that to myself .